50 Things To Know About KSU

  1. Between 1958 and 1976, the University System of Georgia added thirteen new junior colleges, including Kennesaw Junior College (KJC).
  2. The institution was founded by the Board of Regents in 1963.
  3. Locals referred to the unnamed entity as Cobb County Junior College, Cobb-Marietta College or Kennesaw Mountain Junior College. It wasn’t until two years after the official charter, in August 1965, that the Board of Regents approved the institution’s name as Kennesaw Junior College.
  4. KJC was paid for by selling bonds, $425,000 issued by the City of Marietta and $1,925,000 by the Cobb County Board of Education.
  5. KSU has only had three presidents: Dr. Horace W. Sturgis, Dr. Betty Siegel, and Dr. Daniel S. Papp, respectively.
  6. The first social gathering for the campus was a Christmas Dance sponsored by the Marietta YWCA in 1966.
  7. The College was headquartered from the principal’s office at Banberry Elementary School before construction of the main campus was complete.
  8. KJC first held classes at Southern Tech in the fall quarter of 1966, while the campus was being constructed.
  9. The first day of classes on the main campus was January 9, 1967.
  10. The mascot was selected because the owl symbolized wisdom. It has had multiple names, including KaSCey and Scrappy.
  11. The campus newspaper, The Sentinel, was first published in October 1966.
  12. Interstate 75 extended only to Windy Hill Road when the college opened.
  1. The campus was built on the site of the Frey farm.
  2. The original campus consisted of eight yellow-brick buildings.
  3. The first book in the library was a donated copy of First Hundred Years: A Short History of Cobb County, Georgia, by Sara Temple.
  4. The original campus was 152 acres.
  5. KSU has been officially named four times: Kennesaw Junior College (1965), Kennesaw College (1977), Kennesaw State College (1988), and Kennesaw State University (1996).
  6. Black and gold were chosen as the school’s colors, linking it to the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech.
  7. KJC’s first graduating class in 1967 was comprised of five transfer students: Roy Herman Price, Jr., Carla Eidson Eidschun, Sarah Marguerite Faw, Stephen John Hanges, and Wilson Jack.
  8. In the early ‘70s, the “Phantom” was a student reportedly involved in a series of pranks on campus. He and his trusted wingman the “Worm” were said to inhabit the storm drains that formed an extensive underground network on campus.
  9. During the Vietnam War, KJC made world-wide news when the Associated Press ran a photograph of student Stella Merritt enjoying a relaxing moment on the quad. Because of the photo, the college was adopted by at least three military companies in Vietnam.
  10. The permanent art collection dates from 1972.
  11. The junior college was granted four year status in 1976, to take effect in the fall of 1978.
  12. In 1979 Kennesaw offered student housing for the first time when the college brokered a deal with the Save Inn hotel on Highway 41.
  13. The first baccalaureate degrees were awarded in 1980.